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Advisory Committees

At the heart of development of the Adams Presidential Center are our advisory committees. Drawing upon individuals from the local Quincy community as well as experts in civic education and Adams family history, these groups will help us bring the Center’s vision to life by offering invaluable expertise, insightful perspectives, and informed recommendations. We are grateful for their participation and the APC looks forward to strengthening these key collaborations as the project advances.

Community Advisory Committee

Mr. Bob Damon, Co-Chair

Ms. Alexandra Elliott, Co-Chair

Ms. Dagny Ashley

Dr. Richard Baker

Ms. Amy Bisconte

Mr. Timothy Cahill

Dr. Richard DeCristofaro

Mr. James Edwards

Ms. Danielle Fernandez

Mr. Jim Fox

Ms. Kirsten Hughes

Ms. Barbara Isola

Ms. Emily Lebo

Mr. Martin Levenson

Councilor Nina Liang

Ms. Linda Monaco

Mr. Dave Murphy

Mr. Sean Murphy

Ms. Marianne Peak

Ms. Erin Perkins

Ms. Georgia Polemenakos

Ms. Linda Stice

Ms. Cathy Torrey

Ms. Linnea Walsh