Preserving A Legacy

Advancing Our Democracy

The Adams family left us an extraordinary legacy as architects of our democracy, engaged citizens, and selfless leaders. John, Abigail, John Quincy, and Louisa Catherine Adams were also men and women of impeccable character. Inspired by their example, we will do our part on the journey towards a more perfect union.

Coming Soon:

The Adams Presidential Center

The story of the Adamses is the story of the United States.

John, Abigail, John Quincy, and Louisa Catherine asked probing questions about how to create a better society. And, they acted on these ideas—shaping and strengthening our democracy. We are living the Adamses’ legacy.

The Adams Presidential Center will invite every American to take inspiration from the Adamses’ story and embrace their own responsibility to participate in our democracy. As John said, “Posterity! You will never know, how much it cost the present Generation, to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it.”

The Second Annual

Adams Presidential Center Gala

Late Congressman Bill Delahunt and philanthropists Karen and Rob Hale were honored at the second annual Adams Presidential Center Gala in May 2024. At the gala, the City of Quincy unveiled a new John Quincy Adams statue by Italian sculptor Sergey Eylanbekov, which will be erected in Quincy Center to celebrate the City’s 400th anniversary.

Watch the video to hear remarks from the Hales, General Joseph Dunford, Congressman Delahunt’s daughter, and more.