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Our MIssion

To share the history of a great American family, to promote their ideals of citizenship and selfless public service, and to inspire future generations to serve their communities and our nation.


of the Adams Presidential Center

The APC's values guide our actions, choices, and service to our nation.

The APC believes that all individuals should have the freedom to live according to their own conscience. The Adamses are a part of the story of our Revolution and the building of a new nation—a story that carried both promise and challenges. The struggles and perseverance of this period allow us to imagine a new and better future for our world.

“Let us presume, what is in fact true, that the spirit of liberty, is as ardent as ever among the body of the nation, though a few individuals may be corrupted.” - President John Adams

We embrace the Declaration of Independence’s promise that “all men are created equal,” and the responsibility to shape our nation in light of that promise. The Center’s charge is to explore the origins of this sentiment and to build a more equal nation for all. 

“We no where see an evidence of inferiority in the female….Man may subvert woman for his own purposes. [But] he cannot degrade her in the sight of God.” - First Lady Louisa Catherine Adams

Just as the Adamses were great advocates for education, the APC believes that we have a responsibility to learn from history to gain the knowledge we need to build a better future. The Center’s charge is to meaningfully engage with the Adamses’ legacy. By critically examining the challenges and lessons of the past, we work to fulfill the promise of our nation. 

"Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.” - First Lady Abigail Adams

The APC believes that we all have a responsibility to sacrifice for the greater good.  By exploring the Adamses’ collective story, we can draw inspiration for how to live as responsible citizens.  We all carry a shared responsibility to build a more just world for our friends, families, and communities.

“Intentions upright and pure, a heart devoted to the welfare of our country, and the unceasing application of all the faculties allotted to me to her service are all the pledges that I can give for the faithful performance of the arduous duties I am to undertake.” - President John Quincy Adams


of the Adams Presidential Center

Why did John and Abigail support the Revolution, with all the risks that came with it? How did John Quincy and Louisa Catherine help form our young nation? How can we build on their foundation?

Immersive and interactive exhibits explore the legacy of this extraordinary family. Families, tourists, and school groups are energized to take action and bring the Center’s ideals into their own communities.

Kids at an exhibit

Understanding the past helps us build a better future.

The Center is a hub for civic education, inspiring citizens to engage with their communities and think critically. At the APC, K-12 students discover the power they have to shape their communities—and our nation. Lectures, workshops, film festivals, service learning opportunities, teacher training tools, remote classrooms, and more foster life-long learning for local, national, and international visitors of all ages.

Kid Speaking

The APC prepares tomorrow’s leaders.

At the Institute for Civic Leadership, business, nonprofit, and civic leaders learn how to revitalize our government and institutions. Young professionals and high school scholars connect with current leaders and discover effective strategies for making change in their communities. The Institute also serves as a host for Adams Scholarship recipients—promising young students who have proven their own outstanding potential for shaping their futures and their world.

People Speaking in a circle

A handwritten letter from John to Abigail. A petition John Quincy presented to Congress. Louisa Catherine’s handkerchief.

The APC partners with libraries, universities, and historical societies in order to bring original artifacts to scholars, university students, high schoolers, and everyday visitors. The Center’s partnerships help us stay at the forefront of the academic study of U.S. history. And, the objects provide matchless experiences that can only be found here.

Old Document
City of Quincy

Adams Presidential Center Announcement

State and local officials, board members, staff, organizational partners, and Adams family members came together in Quincy on July 12, 2022 to announce the creation of the Adams Presidential Center.

Adams Birthplace
Quincy, Massachusetts

America's Intellectual Birthplace

The Adams Presidential Center will honor Quincy as America’s Intellectual Birthplace, a national and international destination for tourism. The Center will serve as the focal point of Quincy’s many Adams-related historic sites—John Adams’ birthplaces, the family home at Peace field, and the United First Parish Church.